Iconic Brewing Co. is a close knit company situated in the heart of downtown Toronto. Specializing in innovation, Iconic Brewing Co. thrives in the fast paced beverage alcohol industry and has become one of the leading “trend-setting” beverage companies in Canada.


EST. 2013

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Founded in 2013, Iconic Brewing Company is committed to building a unique beverage portfolio featuring products created by our in-house brand development team and through strategic external partnerships.

Fueled by our passion to enhance your drinking experience and our unrivaled pursuit of liquid innovation, we’ve produced a variety of refreshing beverages for you and your friends to enjoy year-round. Our drinks are refreshing, unique, and most importantly, ready to drink.

We’ve got a light and crisp Vodka Soda infused with refreshing fruit flavors, Canada’s first Sugar-Free Hard Cider and the top-selling Moscow Mule from Cabana Coast…just to name a few.

Thirsty yet? Our delicious line of drinks doesn’t end there - make sure to click our Portfolio tab above for more details!