Founded in 2013, Iconic Brewing (formerly Sage Mixology) continues to build its reputation with a commitment to creating innovative, ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages.

Fueled by our passion to enhance your drinking experience, we’ve produced a variety of thirst-quenching hard sodas that have kept our production facilities working overtime. Let’s just say there’s a reason why we’re Canada’s fastest growing independent alcoholic beverage company!

Imagine the refreshing taste of an old-fashioned root beer with a 5.9% alcoholic twist… ya, we almost didn’t believe it either. That’s why we launched Dusty Boots Hard Root Beer – and we’re proud to say it was the top selling hard soda in Canada in 2016.  

Thirsty yet? Our delicious line of drinks doesn’t end there - make sure to click our products tab above for more details!


Cam is a graduate of the Rowe Business School at Dalhousie University. Cam aspired to be an entrepreneur since the age of 16 when he realized you couldn’t make a career out of being a sports fan. When he’s not around the office you can find him convincing naysayers that this is the year for the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Daniel is a graduate of the Rowe Business school at Dalhousie University. He came to Canada from Europe to pursue his hockey ambitions after making the tough decision to leave his DJ career behind. He takes consuming All You Can Eat Sushi very seriously.


Bobby is a graduate of the Ivey Business School at Western University. When his class graduated and went into the world of high finance he decided he’d rather make a career out of socializing. Enjoys crazy socks and cleaning up at the local karaoke bar.

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